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Christmas Presents

All- Inclusive Premium Service

Leasing Christmas lights instead of purchasing them has several benefits. Firstly, it allows you to have the latest and most efficient LED lights and decorations, without the hassle of having to purchase and store them. You can upgrade the color of your lights every year at no additional cost, ensuring that your holiday lighting looks modern and professional.

Having a service like Frosty's Holiday Lighting that offers leasing of commercial grade LED lights and decorations, installation, maintenance, and removal  will ensure that YOU won't have to worry about the time and effort involved in purchasing, installing, maintaining, removing and storing the lights and decorations yourself. Our specialized team will handle everything, from initial design and installation to ongoing maintenance (48 business hours turnaround time) and removal after the holiday season. This saves you time, energy, and resources, allowing you to focus on your business or enjoy your holidays with your family.

Leasing Christmas lights and using a service like Frosty's Holiday Lighting provides a convenient, and stress-free solution for your holiday lighting needs. With our all-inclusive service, you can be sure that your holiday lighting will look professional, be energy-efficient, and enhance the beauty and cheer of your home or business.

We accept debit & credit cards, zelle, apple pay & cash as payment methods.
A 50% Non-Refundable Deposit is due at the time of booking your installation date.

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